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The Watsons have been farming and ranching as a family in Alberta for over 100 years (since 1903 when John Watson arrived from Edinburgh, Scotland).

Instead of just exporting to the highest bidder, we believe it’s finally time to create a new channel for our fellow Canadians to directly access our higher quality meats. With us that all starts with our bison.

Our family Ranch story began in 1903

In 1903, at only 15 years of age upon graduating school, “Grandad” John Watson chose to relocate from Edinburgh Scotland, to Rupert’s Land now known as Alberta, Canada. After first settling near Viking, John and his wife Mima established our present day location (west of Sylvan Lake) beef and bison operations in the fall of 1918 when the “Circle W” beef brand was first registered.

100+ years finishing top quality meat

Prior to the time of trucks, our farm would, by horseback, drive market ready livestock 4 miles including fording the Medicine River to load them onto train rail cars.

Over many decades, we supplied beef to the Montreal, Toronto, and New York restaurants through Canada Packers Inc.

This picture is of John & (son-on left) G. Kay Watson in May 1948 loading 7 rail cars of exclusively Circle W beef.


Coming full circle with bison again

Wild Bison roamed the very ground we own and farm dating at least 100 years ago as we have 4 wild bison skulls in our possession that were found on our land. These skulls were found over the years and came from fields where no bison had been domestically pastured on during our history.

While we still maintain a small beef cow herd, in 1999 we switched our focus to bison production and currently finish 250+ head of bison each year.

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