Ethically Raised

Circle W Bison are ethically raised. All animals are vaccinated, dewormed and provided ample space to roam with high quality feed. A shorter 40 km drive to our abbatoir reduces animal stress.


Circle W Bison tastes similar to beef (with a sweeter overtone) and does not taste gamey like venison or moose. Our bison are finished on a ration involving grasses, barley, and oats, not corn or exclusively grasses or hay. This results in a more consistent marbling and a flavor profile that consumers prefer. We also wet age most of our cuts for retail consumption providing unrivalled tenderness.

4oz manhattan bison steak


While others claim to be farm to table, Circle W Bison is actually direct from our farm. Circle W Bison is a family owned business that has been part of the Alberta farming industry for over 100 years, and is one of the top bison producers in Alberta finishing over 250+ head each year.


Free shipping within Calgary city limits ($150+ orders) – ***call to arrange otherwise


Kids MEAT Box - $150

2 x (5)pack Bison Cheese Smokies

2 x (5)pack Bison Hot Dogs

4.4 lbs of Breaded Chicken Fingers



Family Box Sampler - $210

4 x 1 lb of Ground Bison

2 x 1 lb of Lean Bison Stew (1″cut)

1 x (5) pack of Bison Cheese Smokies

1 x (5) pack Bison Hot Dogs

1 x 500g pack Blueberry Bison Breakfast Sausages

8 x 4oz Bison Family Burgers


Short Ribs & boUrgUignon Stew - $210

1 x (3-4 lbs) pack Bison Short Ribs

2 x 1 lbs of Bison Borguignon Stew (2″cut)

4 x 1 lb of Ground Bison (90/10)

1 L of Bison Bone Broth

Extra Lean Ground Bison (90/10 - D.V.M.) - (4 x 1.00 lbs.)

10 lbs of Lean Ground - $159

10 x 1 lbs of Ground Bison (90/10)

Extra Lean Ground Bison (90/10 - D.V.M.) - (4 x 1.00 lbs.)

20 lbs of Lean Ground - $300

20 x 1 lbs of Ground Bison (90/10)

Extra Lean Ground Bison (90/10 - D.V.M.) - (4 x 1.00 lbs.)

40 lbs of Lean Ground - $560

40 x 1 lbs of Ground Bison (90/10)


Breakfast Box - $150

4 x 500g packs Blueberry Bison Breakfast Sausages

4 x 500g packs Pork Bacon


Date Night(s) - $200

4x 6oz Bison Sirloin Medallions

4x 6 oz Bison Sirloin Steaks

2.2 lbs 4/6 EZ Peel Shrimp


Sous Vide Sampler - $225

2 x 1.0 lb Bison Sirloin Picanha Steaks

1 x 1.8-2.5 lb Bison Tri-Tip Roast

1 x 1lb Bison Flank Steak

2 x 6-9oz Bison Flat Iron Steaks

1 x 8 oz Bison New York Steak

1 x 10 oz Bison Ribeye Steak


Ribeye & Ground - $265

8 x 10 oz Bison Ribeye Steaks

4 x 1 lbs of Ground Bison (90/10)

Circle W Bison NY Strip & Ground

New York Strip & Ground - $265

10 x 8oz Bison NY Strip Steaks

4 x 1 lbs of Ground Bison (90/10)

Logo#2 Hi-Res-CWBison

1/8th of bison (~50lbs) - $900

2 x 8oz Bison NY Strip Steaks

2 x 8oz Bison Ribeye Steaks

2 x 4oz Bison Tenderloin Steaks

2 x 8oz Bison Sirloin Steaks

2 x 500g pack Blueberry Breakfast Sausages

2 x 480g pack Apple Sage Sausages

4 x 1 lb Borguignon Stew

3 x (5)pack Hot Dogs

3 x (5)pack Cheese Smokies

8 x 4oz Family Burgers

2 x 100g packs Thai Basil Jerky

2 x 1 lb packs Stirfry/Skirtmeat

25 x 1 lbs of Ground (90/10)

1 L Bison Bone Broth

Circle W Bison also sells 1/2 and whole animals by HHW (Hot Hanging Weight).

Please contact us directly at 1-888-576-6328 to find out more.

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