Atlantic Lobster Tails (4x 5/6 size)

$94.99 $70.00


Atlantic Lobster Tails (4x 5/6 size)

$94.99 $70.00


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  • wild caught, shell on, sustainably sourced Atlantic Lobster Tails
  • individually quick frozen, glazed and vacuum packed for easy preparation and to preserve freshness
  • 4 x 5-6 oz. portions – 1.38 lbs. total
Cooking Instructions

Oven bake or barbecue from a thawed state until your meat is white and firm or until you have reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results thaw your lobster in refrigerator for 24 hours and quickly rinse with water before cooking. Using scissors cut from the top of the shell to the base of the tail then make 2 smaller cuts in either direction to create a T shape cut. Gently pull the tail meat up out of the shell and rest on top of shell while the meat is still connected at the base of the tail, inside the shell.


Atlantic lobster



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