Borgignon Bison Stew (10x 1 lb packs)

Borgignon Bison Stew (10x 1 lb packs)


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Our super-convenient 1″ pre-cut borgignon stew meat is cut from the chuck primal. Healthy, full of flavor and totally easy to prepare.

  • 10 packages weighing approximately 16 oz. each (total 10 lbs)
  • Taken from shoulder which has more fat than regular lean hip stew
  • 21-25 day wet aged, individually frozen and packaged for easy preparation and to preserve freshness
Cooking Instructions

Cook from a thawed state until you have reached your desired consistency or until you have reached an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results thaw this product in your refrigerator for 24 hours.


100% Bison



About Circle W Bison

Circle W Bison is ethically raised without added hormones or antibiotics on a grass fed and grain finished diet consisting of barley & oats (not corn or exclusively grasses or hay). This provides the most superior taste and flavor profile making it the best finished bison available.

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